Welcome to the Highest Lakes in the World!

This site is devoted to researching bodies of water (lakes and pools) at very high altitude. We maintain a list of highest lakes in the world, and in the future we will also prepare separate lists by continent.

Please make sure to visit the "Methods" page. It describes our classification - whan can be considered a pool or a lake - and what cannot.

Where most of the high altitude lakes can be found

There are two main areas where we can look for the high altitude lakes:

  • The Andes
  • The Himalayas

Even though peaks in the Himalayas are much higher, the Andes are a better 'source' of high altitude lakes. As NASA scientists put it: "If you're looking for the world's tallest mountains, head for the Himalayas. But if your objective is to explore the world's highest-altitude lakes, the Andes are where you want to go." [1]


This site was inspired by the hard work of Carl Drews (and his contributors), who was the first to catalogue the highest lakes in the world. We attempt to expand on his work.