ExLakes are lakes that have been assumed to exist in the past, but after thorough examination of evidence we have to conclude that they do not exist, or they do exist but do not meet the most basic criteria to be classified as a lake or a pool. The lakes on the list have likely existed in the past, but have dried or drained out. It is also possible that they have been considered to exist by mistake.

We will maintain a list of such 'lakes' in a similar fashion as we do for 'properly existing' lakes - sorted by descending altitude.

Lhagba Pool, Tibet-China, 6315 m

Lhagba Pool has been considered to be the second highest lake/pool in the world. It does not exist. The .gif animation made from Google Earth images shows the area, where Lhagba Pool should be. You will notice that the only picture showing a strip of partially frozen water is from May 2009 - more than 5 years ago.


4 pictures posted below show imagery from May 2009, Feb 2010, Aug 2011 and most recent from Apr 2014. The lake has disappeared.

LhagbaNoLake LhagbaNoLake LhagbaNoLake LhagbaNoLake

Changtse Pool, Tibet-China, 6170 m

Changtse Pool was considered to be the third highest lake in the world. However, after examination of Google Earth images we conclude that we do not have sufficient evidence to confirm existence of a lake. We have 7 images and none of them is showing a body of liquid water. What we can see in some of the pictures are certain irregularities in the surface of Changtse Glacier. But they do not necessarily point to a lake. For example a picture from August of 2011 is most likely representing a hole in the glacier (a moulin). So, if we cannot see a lake in 7 pictures spanning 11 years, that represents a pretty good probability that it doesn't exist.


4 pictures posted below show imagery from Feb 2003, Aug 2011, Dec 2013 and most recent from Apr 2014.

ChangtseNoLake ChangtseNoLake ChangtseNoLake ChangtseNoLake